Covid-19 Policies

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the safest and most sanitary environment we can during this difficult time, we implemented these procedures as our new policies:

Per North Carolina’s Phase II Requirements:

  • We ask that no one enter if they have flu-like symptoms or symptoms related to COVID-19
  • We are adhering to the Emergency Maximum Occupancy of 75%, and 24 guests every 1,000sq. feet on the lawn: Inside = 49, Patio = 65, Lawn = 288; with 6′ distance between all tables and groups
  • All staff members are screened for symptoms of and possible exposure to COVID-19 before each shift. Staff who do not pass the health screen or who become ill during the shift will be sent to be tested and home until cleared to work again (following CDC guidelines).
  • All tables are spaced at least six feet apart and cannot be moved, and when standing in line and entering the building, the floors are marked with standing points six feet apart
  • We clean and disinfect every table between seating and all other high-touch areas every hour or less

In addition, we implemented the following steps:

  • All patrons are still required to wear masks when not seated — a complimentary mask will be provided upon request to dine-in patrons
  • All guests must check in and be assigned a clean, disinfected table; table hopping is not allowed
  • Children must remain seated with their parents at all times except when using the restroom
  • In the event of rain: we cannot guarantee space on the patio since we must adhere to our emergency maximum occupancy on the patio (65 persons).
    If you are seated on the lawn when a rain storm strikes: please have a safe, dry location in mind to exit to that is not our patio (if our patio is full we cannot allow entry from the lawn at this time).
  • Visits are limited to a maximum of two hours per day
  • We posted hand sanitizer stations at all entrances and installed foot pull tabs on all inward swinging doors
  • All food and beverage containers and cutlery are single use and disposable
  • Ordering from your phone at your table is now possible by scanning the QR code on your table
  • All staff are required to wear masks and change them every three hours or less
  • All dogs must remain on a leash and in close proximity to their owners
  • Patrons cannot move tables to ensure that they remain 6 feet apart
  • No cash will be accepted; touchless payment options are available upon request
  • We ask that those at higher risk of COVID-19 complications make their best judgment when entering our facility. We are incredibly confident in our efforts and our outdoor space, but we cannot guarantee your safety at this time.